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Robertson's practice explores the recurring themes of time, loss, individual and collective memory and renewals.

Her practice emerges largely from the movement that Nicolas Bourriaud describes as "relational aesthetics" ; working both as facilitator and collaborator in the ongoing creative process of rebuilding the lost, sharing of information, reawakening of memories, celebrating the unique in the local, energising ideas and repurposing the forgotten.  

While largely fun, celebratory and concerned with achieving the positive outcomes of regeneration and renewal, several of her projects are unashamedly bleak and overly political.

While her art practice is primarily the facilitation process, Robertson very often summarises her work in strongly poetic visual presentations, through installation, photography and video. Her photography explores the intersection of the man-made with natural and the beauty of the process of decay.

Inspired by Geddes, Robertson deals with global themes but delivers her practice through a largely local focus, in and around Gedde's main academic base - Dundee. 

Robertson's projects, which have achieved coverage in the local, national press, television or recognition from respected critics include :-

  • Dundee's Law Tunnel

  • Dundee's Dressed Herring Tradition

  • Dundee's Jiff Lemon Tree

  • Rendition (Rope Works, Montrose and representation at SSA annual show)

  • West Ward Works

Trained at DCJAD, Robertson was formerly COO at Tate, Steering Group Member of Artists Rooms (NSG and Tate) , board member at Dundee Contemporary Art, board member of Craft Scotland and council member of SSA. She is currently a professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists, joint project initiator, now Trustee of West Ward Works ,Dundee, Scotland Committee Member for Big Lottery and Chair of the Exhibiting Societies of Scotland (RSW, SSA, VAS).


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