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Dundee's Jif Lemon Tree

Phase 1

Contribution to "Take me to the Bridge", a publication of work by artists and writers, including David Faithful and Eddie Summerton and published/curated by artist Gair Dunlop.  With kind support of Fife Contemporary Arts and Crafts.

Phase 2

A relational aesthetics project honouring the toll men who in the 1970s kept a practical joke going for years, based on the notion that a tree overhanging the road bridge in front of their booth, was a real lemon tree. The project was a collaboration with local activist, Kim McFarlane and was kindly supported by the board of the Tay Road Bridge to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Tay Road Bridge.  It achieved significant press, radio and TV coverage. 

Phase 3

A project in collaboration with activist Kim McFarlane to build a permanent display is ongoing with support from Goodfellow and Stevenson, public donations and image license by artist Catherine Lindow. 

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