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Dundee's Law Tunnel

This project was initiated originally as part of Robertson's MFA at Duncan of Jordonstone in 2013 where Roberston collaborated with renowned poet, Don Paterson and produced work with the kind support of the Henry Moore Foundation. It continues as an ongoing relational aesthetics work connecting and reconnecting those with links to the City of Dundee to a strategically significant yet, until the project began, what been an almost entirely forgotten landmark  - Dundee’s Law Tunnel. 

Robertson’s art is her ongoing work creating connections, exploring and expanding the space of the almost lost for ever - reestablishing connections and rebuilding community knowledge - working with memories to create renewed awareness  -  the rush of first discovery -  the shock that the unknown has been unknown - that moment of wonder where the bizarre is celebrated and a space reimagined.

The project has been developed partly through the power of social media - with a Facebook site dedicated to the project now having over 3000 followers.



"Deirdre Robertson’s show takes its inspiration from the works of pioneering town planner, scientist and philanthropist Patrick Geddes and the architectural tunnel, used a mushroom farm, that runs through the Law, a prominent feature, the dominates high into Dundee’s landscape. The project here, a scientific exploration of the meaning, and economic or environmental significance of a specific place, and its social history, is commented on, in its extensive notes, by artist Elizabeth Ogilvie, whose work attempts to question and comment on the currency, social and economics, of water. Roberton’s installation is a highly successful space that sets out to elaborate on Geddes’ purposefulness and utopias, while outlining the role the artist has in setting a stage for a reinvigoration on the environments, however unknown or hidden, that surround us." Alex Hetherington,

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